My First Experience with Ithaka

Hey Future Reader,

Before starting off with the Things i learned in first 2 days just a quick tip- Mumbai is so hot(compared to Bangalore) that every guy in this city is a Hot Single so be prepared for it and don’t rent a place with uncles of L&T who walk barely covered in the flat.

Coming onto Ithaka’s first impression, You must be thinking How hard can doing a chat be ?? I mean its just a conversation like 100’s of those we do everyday. So, whats all the big fuss about…


To answer it For us Chat is not just a conversation including exchange of data, its right at the core of our business. We just don’t pass information, we build friendships and trust by this so called chat(with complete strangers), we share stories and collect experiences by this so called chat. So it indeed is a powerful tool, Now thank this advertisement and Veeru Paaji which started the change in mobile communication/revolution in India.


Creating a travel plan for someone gives us more high then being on weed (Which is illegal in Thailand- *Shameless advertisement of my knowledge). Every person that we talk to is different and that’s why its really important for you to understand this person first then try to make him your friend (If he doesn’t want to be your friend think of Uday Chopra if he can still be an Actor, you too can be his/her friend) and of course there will be people like Abhishek Bachchan who don’t really belong in this place but here be like BigB and support him even after all the hardships because at the end of the day that’s what we do-  We help EVERYONE make a plan that’s perfect for them, not just something that is famous.

More Shameless display of new things i have learned about Thailand yesterday-

  • People will get mad at you if you recommend them flying withing 18 Hrs of a Diving session and oh yes! its said to be fatal also.
  • Uber runs only on card and GrabTaxi runs on cash too
  • ATM Transaction charges is around 180Thb, so keep a lot of cash if you are poor like me else you will be fine.Quick Gujju Tip– Conversion rates for USD is better then INR.
  • Don not promote Tiger temples, they are like Salman Khan’s movie just having the hype and not having a good experience in it.

Well that’s the end of 20 mins i devoted for writing this Blog. If we get a Wifi Topup soon, i will try to write more to help you understand Ithaka better.

Kob Khun Krap


Origin Of Wishstone – Chapter 3

You don’t need a reason to ask why teachers call a school class as a fish market, You just need to see them returning back to there classes after the morning assembly in those few moments before the Class teacher enters for the Attendance. There are always those 2-3 students from the back who just don’t want to take their seats without being getting punished or insulted by the teachers and guess what Indian schools have special teacher only for this work, They are knows as PT Teacher.

PT Teachers are somewhat like an arranged marriage, In the initial few years you are really scared of them not knowing the consequences of getting into one but as you grow and reach in High School, You realize that it was all an illusion and you need not be worried about them. Their whole purpose of being in school premises actually starts after the school ends. If you have studied in an Indian School students here don’t have professional wrestling arenas so its the small stationary shop or daily needs shop outside the school campus where all the internal disputes are being resolved, Those who have bike show there stunts and PT Teachers are paid just to make sure these small fights do not took place. I never figured out the reason why those guys burn petrol without a motive, or maybe girls were really drawn towards stupidity in early years.

Coming back to our story, Raghav used to sit on 5th bench from the start (a position logically selected to avoid getting any extra attention from the teachers). How your day is going to be in a school depends a lot on the bench you are sitting in. The opening benches are normally reserved for the toppers or those who have there homework sorted, Back benches are for those who only take one Bill gates quote seriously other than that I always thought they have some gold mine back at home but i am thankful to them as its because of these back benchers i was able to consolidate myself “you are not that bad”. Middle benches are where you find dreamers or IT engineers. Raghav used to sit in middle also because its strategically placed two benches away from the  girl he wished will notice him someday.

Raghav falls in love with every single girl who pays a little bit attentions towards him. He had everything planned in his mind how he should propose , what are the easiest and practical way to let her know about his feelings the problem is just that school romances do not depend on your salary or looks or family status they depend on just few simple things, You just need to have guts, money to buy chocolates occasionally and a rank in top 10. Yes that’s the formula, Being a part of sports team is always an add on. But Raghav possesses none of those qualities.


To Be Continued….



CBSE Schools – Morning Assembly

Well this blog series is about the story of all those poor souls who have completed there schooling in a CBSE School.

The whole problem with CBSE board is that it makes you normal (by normal i am not complaining as if i wanted to be mentally unstable) I mean its more like being an IT Engineer in Bangalore you accept it or not but every second person you are going to meet is the same. They are proud of it but, somewhere in there mind they know that there is this guy from ICSE who was studying “How to launch Rockets” when our CBSE students were still debating on “Science- Curse or a Boom”.

If you will ever go to a CBSE School prayer all the students are lined up in the order of there inferiority complex. The smallest kid who is not so happy about his being small and not a complain boy has to stand right in the front and the Tall ones who will certainly do good in life are right there in the back. The next interesting thing about School Prayers is -“They generate special antibodies to resist the heat and Sun rays” I mean standing in the summer sun for almost half an hour every morning singing songs which are not very interesting and listening to Thought of the day is as stupid as a system could be(Unless its created by RaGa in which case results will be on just another Level). To be honest Polishing your Shoes with the back of your Pants is probably the only good thing i learned from School Prayers.

Standing in between two girl rows always made me nervous at least. I don’t know how my brain processed things at that time but i have this theory that the better i will sing(all those stupid songs) the more are my chances of getting noticed by a girl. Girls are a mystery in school time I mean you start as friends in early years then somewhere in between of schooling some magic happens and suddenly all boys and girls just stop talking to each other. The boys who tried starting the old custom of talking again are either abandoned from the Boys community or are being labelled as Bad Company. My parents always said never get in company of Bad Guys but i was never able to tell them that Clark kent is The Superman.





Origin Of WishStone – Chapter 2

Raghav was sitting on the porch steps when his mother approached the House after her morning walk. He was leaning back against the steps and trying to understand why do Newspapers have so many Pages when everyone just reads initial and last few pages( Though the part which contains show times and movies in all Talkies around the cities is the one he was most fond of).

When will you get ready, School Bus will arrive in 15 Mins ? Said her Mother. She knew its the first day of school after the Summer breaks and He doesn’t want to go But I guess you all know whats going to happen next So, right after 15 mins Raghav was standing in front of his House waiting for the School Bus.

If you all had a normal childhood you already know the kind of experience a School Bus provides. School Buses teach you more about Life then those periods in your Time Table, After all Life is a struggle to get a place of yourself. There will be bullies in your way and no one to hold your back but you either have to show strength to get that place of yours or just stand in a corner convincing yourself you don’t need that seat. With Each day in school there are thousand of stories that you get to hear in that school bus( some fictional, some true) but every single one of them gives you a moment to laugh, worry, amaze.

Raghav’s bus was no different Senior students occupy all the seats and he chooses to stand there with his best friend(which is almost every friend we have in childhood). They were talking about the summer vacations what they did, where they went with there families when his friend Ankit asked him about the History homework(Funny thing about History that there is nothing funny in it). For a moment Raghav tried to understand what ankit is talking about and when finally he realized the seriousness of this matter He started thinking about all the 100n excuses he can use to avoid the Punishment from his History Teacher.

Accept it or not the worse thing you can think of in School time was a punishment from the teacher The humiliation is same as that of getting naked in front of National Media( Poonam Pandey only promises never delivers ). All your hopes that the most fair girl of the class will like you just gets crushed at that very moment. 

To be continued …..

The Origin of WishStone : Story of a SuperHero

While sitting in the corner of his dim lighted room Raghav was lost in his dreams of becoming a superhero and saving our world( or more precisely HIS world which mostly includes saving his crush from the road side roamios and winning the girl in the end ).
At first look Raghav seems like your ordinary high school guy having fantasies about almost everything that attracts attention which actually these days is what even the elders are looking for but lets not diverge from our topic(We will talk about kejriwal in a different blog)

Raghav’s father used to tell him “your perspective on life comes from the cage you were held in”, and so he created his dream world around himself. In his 40 by 60 room most of the walls are filled up with superhero posters. Superman, Batman, Taskmaster you name it and the pictures are there on these walls which just like Raghav still have there shine and are as high as his wishes of being a superhero.

He came out of his happy world of imagination by a knock on the door. It was his mother asking him to join for the dinner.This is one of the things he never understood that why his mom calls him for the dinner when in reality the only thing that is prepared is her mind about what is she going to cook that night. But you cant argue with your mom, Can you ?


Following her mom Raghav came down from the stairs and sat on the dining table looking in the endless spiral cone of time which ain’t gonna end until he gets
his meal. Just to let you know Raghav’s story is not going to be an awesome nail biting superhero story like that of Deadpool or Spiderman because Raghav is in High School and he has to appear in the Boards/IIT 2 years later and more or less he will be using a lot of his superhero powers in the next two years to become something he don’t want to be But isn’t that what a superhero do– “Sacrificing yourself to save the few you care about“(here his parents). What do you want Hari Chatni or sauce asked his mom ( Quick informative tip– Never say Hari Chatni and tomato sauce when the waiter ask you for-which sauce on Pasta? in an Italian restaurant ) Both he replied. Raghav ate 6 potato stuffed breads that night(read 600 calories) but superheroes don’t regret, They just take decisions and then may be take an ENO later. All this time he was lost in his imagination of how he is going to bend time, go back into his past and then change a few decisions and become the most popular kid in his whole school.

It was 11 in the night and as per his daily routine he has to go to bed to wake up early next morning(one thing every student hates the most and if its the last day of summer vacations well then the pain just multiplies with the power of infinity I REALLY MEAN THIS). Lying on his bed he was again all prepared to drift into his world where no one is going to stop him from becoming whatever he wants to Probably dreaming is the only super power Raghav possess currently which is going to decide the kind of world he will shape.The one problem with dreams is however that you really don’t remember what exactly happened. It’s more like your early childhood years you knew they existed but never really sure about what you did in all those years( the pictures your parents took while you were basically nude were there of-course to embarrass you of those years) but with the dreams- its just a faint thought that remains which is going to strike again sooner or later in the form of a  DejaVu.


Found and Lost (Part1/2)

The day he had kind of tricked her into a date. He was the happiest person on Earth.
He rang for her downstairs at the Hotel. He was right on time. She walked down the stairs, looking more beautiful than ever before.
“You look beautiful,” he said.
“Why, thank you. You don’t look that bad yourself.”
“Shall we go?” he asked, taking her arm.
Wait do I need to start the story with a little bit of background.
The whole “girl meets boy, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl get married” model is a little too simplistic for my needs. You people want details, don’t you? Of course you do
< 1997 >
So back in the summer of 97 it was the first day of their school  !!
He ran out of the school bus with his untied laces trying to hold the water bottle from falling down .He used to do this every morning, running like an idiot and then to stop in front of class 4th-A knowing that the class must have already left for the assembly ,He pulled the chocolate out from the top of his bag and put it on the 3rd seat and then
ran again to reach 4th-C only to find the Class teacher waiting there to scold him for his late arrival.
Few random songs and a national anthem later she came back to the desk just to find that chocolate at her desk.
The maths teacher could have skipped the class test once in a while but that chocolate, its always there on her desk, every single morning.
He has seen her first in the paiting class and the same guy who was not able to distinguish between the blue and green color(by name) somehow heard the DDLJ trademark music in his head, yes shahrukh khan was that famous in little town.
He told his best friend about this thing and just like what the best friends should do he circulated the news in whole class.
To be optimistic atleast the fat guy was in news finally, no one ever noticed him before this incident….other then that one time when he peed in his school pants after the tragic test of moral science.
< TODAY 2014 >
They were sitting at the booth outside the drugstore. They were talking and joking about the weird things that always happen to them at the school.
“The look on your face when you were getting engaged to kunal…” said our guy at the memory.
“Don’t even dare go there or the rest of that ice cream will be in your face. That was all your fault,” she said with a smile.
“You wouldn’t dare, would you?”
“Try me!”
“Let’s see. How about that kiss on the cheek during class 12th annual function? You have a big crush on me, don’t you?”
“Don’t you wish!” She stood up and took up a handful of ice cream and gently rubbed it in his face.
“Yum….good. You should try it.” He leaned over and rubbed some in her face.
The war kept on going until they stopped and looked at themselves and laughed. They weren’t the only ones laughing. The soda jerk laughed through the whole thing.
They really must be in love, he thought. “If you want to clean up there’s a bathroom around the corner.”
“Thanks. We’ll clean up the table off and floor when we’re done,” he said, dripping ice cream all over.

So it took him some 2 years and couple of summer breaks to finally find out guts enough to talk to her and that’s why right after watching veer jara  he decided while leaving the theatre that the next day is going to be his big day” he will talk to her” . Came the next morning and our lead wakes up after the usual splash of water on his face he hated that feeling when his mother lied to him every morning that its 7:45 already when it was actually 7:15 what a good way to start your day, but anyway he woke up and with the images of bravery and winning got dressed up for the big day.Finally it was the moment he has practiced the script some 31 times has even given a demo to his best friend and as the school bell rang indicating the lunch time ,they both stood up from there desks everyone noticed them that why the hell in this world these two got up from the desk in such an urgency . The girls on the front desk thought maybe they want to go to the bathroom .
If you are thinking why am i pushing the standing part so much then it was because other then the punishment time and the day end prayer no one has ever seen them standing they both treated there seat as the safest place in that classroom which was not different than a war zone for them .
Our main lead walks out of the class with his besty behind him pushing him with all the idiotic encouraging pharases existing in the world the dumbest one being ” jai maa Kali kalkattey wali tera beda kabhi na Jaye khali” don’t ask me why he said that but everything made sense to our guy at that time ,performance pressure you know . He came in front of 7th-C she was sitting on the first desk in the class next to the door. So he went inside look at her and the moment she raised her head to look into his face he said ” abey Vishal galat class m agye yaar” vishal was his best friend and as his name suggest was the heaviest/fat boy of school . In this awkward situation Vishal also entered in the class and started starring in the class as if they were lost in the kumbh mela and then came the moment he said to her “excuse me where is 7th-A” yes that was the result of 31 script practices and one demo. Anyway she replied its the class next to the water cooler,, Ahh OK thanks  he replied with the only english word he has proficiency over in speaking. So just as he turned around to walk back into his class, he decided to poke his head in the 7th C one more time and say, “oh, excuse me MAM? What did you say your name was again? I already forgot!” Yes, he called her MAM. And as soon as that word flew off his tongue he was mortified with himself. Why the !@#$ did he just call her “mam?” What an idiot!

She just laughed and said “arushi”

“Ok, thanks!” He replied. “Maybe I’ll see you again soon!”

They left the class with the glory of winning on there faces .It was there moment they can see the next gladiator in themselves .


 The youthful couple began to drift apart due to the busy schedule of life and the never-ending worries of daily problems, their life became difficult.

All the challenges posed by the harsh realities of life began to drift away deir dreams and love for each other. The couple began to have more quarrels and each quarrel became make their relation more worst.

One day, after the quarrel, the girl ran out of the house.
At the opposite side of the road, she shouted,
”You don’t love me…!!!”

The boy hated her childishness and out of impulse, said,
“May be, it was a mistake for us to be together..!!!”

You were never the missing part of my ____!!!”

Suddenly, she turned quiet and stood there for a long, while She regretted what he said but words spoken cant be taken back.

With tears in her eyes, she went home to pack her things and Before leaving the house, she left a note for him..;

“If I’m really not the missing part of your love, let me go and search for some one who is..…
It is less painful this way… let us go on our separate ways and search for our own partners…!!”

Five years went by….

He never remarried but he had tried to find out about her life indirectly. She had left the country and was living her dreams.

He use to regret on what he did but never tried to bring her back. In the dark and lonely night, he lit his cigarette and felt the lingering ache in his heart. He couldn’t bring himself to admit that he was missing her.

One day, they finally met, At the airport, He was going away on a business trip. He saw her, She was standing there alone, with just the security door separating them.

She smiled at him gently.

Boy: How are you..?

Girl: I’m fine. How about you.., Have you found your heart’s missing part…?

Boy: No.

Girl: I’ll be flying to New York in the next flight.

Boy: I’ll be back in 2 weeks time. Give me a call when you are back, You know my number, Nothing has changed.

With a smile, she turned around and waved good-bye.
“Good-bye . . .”

( To be continued maybe/probably/hopefully . In case its really disgusting …. Disgusting like dhoom3 then don’t wait for the next part)

College, Survival and Nolan

So at about 4 in the morning i finally decided to write another crap/blog.I started my laptop but wasn’t able to connect to Internet. My survival skills kicked in immediately and I went to sleep. Today morning, I got up and it is the same. Clearly the situation called for fight and not flight. So I power cycled the laptop couple of times. Nothing happened! Then I took the battle one notch higher and reset my wireless router couple of times. Nothing, Nada, Zilch.
But then suddenly out of nowhere there was a flash in the room and a jet black gypsy appeared in the room.
‘Who are you? How did you come into a locked room?’ i asked in fear.
‘I can go anywhere.’
‘Are you.. are you GOD?’
‘I am Robin, the cisco engineer.’
‘Do you know Deus ex machina? It is a literary term.’
‘Well, I didn’t become an IT Engineer because I was the brightest in school.’
Finally the pseudo god fixed my internet connection and I went to Bing and asked Bing , “Is Google down?”
Now lets get back to the story .
College , Survival and Nolan

Oh, The college days…! They are the best.
I wonder what professors feel about college days. Have you come across any professors who say, “Oh, The college days…! They are the best.”? I have not.
Some people liken college to a paid vacation. It really is not true. It is you who pays for it. No one else! I know that your parents pay for it. But it is inheritance they are paying it with. That’s parents! They would spend on educating you instead of giving it to you.
And Some other people say, “college days is an oasis in the desert of life”. They read Shakespeare too.
Do you know what I feel about college days?
If life can be compared to a Satyajit Ray movie then college days would be the best part of the movie – intermission.
But however good the intermission is, you have got to get back to the movie. I mean, you have got to find out who is going to get the stale roti – the mangy dog or the poor kid. That’s what you paid for. You paid for watching the movie. Not for enjoying the intermission. And same goes with the life and college too. You were born to live the hard life not loaf around in a college.
But I agree that it is in college where you meet your life-long friends and… their future wives. There is no point in crying about it. If it had not been for your best friend, she would have become the wife of your not so best friend. So grow up and be adult about it. A friend of mine, from Bihar, actually married his sweet heart when he was in college. But they still gave him just Bachelors degree.
And it is in college that you develop a taste for Hollywood movies. Basic instinct, 91/2 weeks…It was college where i watched the first three movies of Nolan . Simply superb. If you haven’t watched it already, you must watch it NOW!
The movies are
1.The Prestige
2.The Prestige with subtitles
3.The Prestige with Director’s commentary

You are right again. I am jobless. But let’s not focus on me. Lets focus on college because its in college where you get to learn a lot . Most of which you forget soon after, except for the lessons taught by one professor – The good old Mr. kingfisher.
And the moment we set foot in college, guys start shaving. First out of hope and then out of desperation. But seldom out of necessity.A friend of mine khurana used to shave more often then a patient of constipation goes to toilet in a day.
I remembered what my father said when I joined college. “I am happy you got into this college and all that. But remember, here you are going to be just another guy.” That’s my father. If he had just batted well, he could have become another sidhu.
But you know what is the worst thing about college? You struggle hard, pass your exams and announce to the world, Finally! I got a degree!” and the world asks you right back, “But did you get a job?”
And from here starts the fight for survival .I don’t know! Maybe the world likes and needs people like John McClane of Die Hard when there is a crisis. But I am a survivor of different type. I am more like a polar bear that hibernates during winter. If my office is going to be taken over by terrorists, I am going to lock myself in the bathroom. That’s how I survive.
And I am a survivor. I have been. I am. And I will always be ,I mean, till the time I die.

tenga un buen día 🙂

About me


1991 – I’m born. Parents named me Deendayal sharma. Changed it to Pranshu 2 months later.


1993 – Came to know the demanding guy who keeps on crying all the time is my elder brother and will be there to beat me up for many more years to come.


1994 – Started kindergarten. I used to have a voice like Justin Bieber…then I turned Five. Till then, people thought I was cute; not once  after this.


1996 – Cool kids at school, who had cable tv, talked about Boogie-Woogie while I could only watch Srimaan Shrimati on Doordarshan. Won the first frog race in my life. Always envied the kids who had the 64 count camel crayons. Had to ask in shame if I needed a skin-coloured crayon. Got bit by a bitch in Agra. Have been scared of real bitches ever since.


1997 – Realized that ‘ullu ka patha’ is not the biggest swear word in the world. Owned the coolest Dragon BallZ pencil box in the school, had no idea what dragonBallZ is at that time. Started learning karate and dreamt of chewing broken glass and beating mobsters like super commando dhruv.


1998 – Ate 3 packets of uncle chips a day to collect the Tazos. Watched Titanic. Got curious about what they were doing in the car. Best friend in school tried explaining what it was I didn’t believe him.


1999 – Got a video game at home. Started playing Bow and Arrow. And Mario. And  ‘Contra’. Could never cross the 8th Stage. Had read all editions of raj comics by now and nandu and champak also. Watched cartoon network all day long. Wondered while watching The Jetsons, if my car will ever fold up into a briefcase. Survived on Crax and Natkhat.


2001 – Got my first personal computer. Discovered how to change wallpapers and was still confused why they close the doors in movies whenever the actors are going to do something.  Learnt how to erase browsing history soon and all had been fine since then. Realized there’s no reason to hate girls. Used to think condoms are for HAVING kids.


2001 – Rahul dravid was my hero , played cricket as much as I could . Learn some really flashy lines to say during a fight like “maa ka doodh pia hai toh baat kar” got beaten up in the school bus for the same reason later.


2007 – Took my tenth boards. Forced parents to buy me a cell-phone before the boards results came out – Just in case.  Batman doesn’t check the sky as much as I checked my new phone.


2008– Made the biggest mistake of my life by opting for PCM in the 12th. Flunked all exams for the next two years except physical science. A friend helped me with physics. I was only a Bodhi tree away from enlightenment. Figured since I’m clearly not photogenic I have earned the moral rights to use photoshop.


2009 – Finished with school. First cigarette. Got admission into NIT Allahabad. Learnt how to drive, although driving is like third on my list of things to do while I’m driving. Also scored a 6.63 cgpa.


2011 – Watched enough movies to make ones eyes bleed. The only 24 Hour light source in my room was the laptop screen. Was made to step aside at airport security checks since my goatee made me look like a terrorist. Got my first guitar and somehow managed to learn it from YouTube when redtube was always there for the distraction.


2012- Broke my ankle – first fracture of my life. Formed a music band and won some stupid competitions. Started college radio , played for Bhadrakali 11 and peed at project mentors cabin. Scored a 9.

2013 –Spend 4 yrs of college life Graduated.  Got a job.


1/2/3 BHK for rent in bangalore -_-

So one fine morning i finally found out what i want to do with my life and thus i accepted this offer letter from a high paying firm in Bangalore and decided to pack my bags and start a new life here.

Well i landed at the airport that should be somewhere near Chennai and picked the Vayu vajra7A to reach Bangalore city. Holy shoot! this city looks stunning i had never seen too many cars in my whole life that i saw in some half an hour traffic jam at Sony world signal but wait, which city doesn’t have traffic jams, i mean its just that while being stuck in Bangalore traffic you can complete an Ashutosh Gowariker movie or you can kill time by listening to your favourite radio stations and can learn some kannda songs , sounds Fun to me.

Let me cut the crap and reach to the point that i wanted to share with you all, renting a house in this city with the help of all these people who speaks fluent Hindi and English as good as any Korean. So we started in the morning with the help of a broker and travelled some 200 kms in a day to finally find the flat  that looks pretty awful to us ( Believe me it looked even worse than uday chopra ).

What’s next, So next day we used the trusted Online sites to find the perfect bride for our college roommate and well yes after that to find flats also.

After 2 hours of random flat searching, 1 hour of useless facebook scrolling and checking out first salary status and new DP’s of batchmates looking all suited up and excited to turn into slaves,  finally  Yeeeee got 31 searches as per my requirement the pictures looks cool amenities include

1. 24 hours power supply (something that even UP govt. promises)

2. Walking distance from ATMs, schools , market ,Dosa/idli shops, bus stops, railway junction, airport terminals and strip clubs HELLYA!!

3. 4 wheeler parking(if you can afford it after our rent)

4. Semi furnished ( by semi they mean it will be like the semis of FIFA WC2014, you will be disappointed ).


But anyway finally we talked to the owners and they were pretty genuine people They gave us there house with all the sentiments and feelings as that of a father giving her daughter to some BACHELOR when they were pretty sure that this alcoholic , nerdy looking skinny guy is not going to treat there daughter well that’s why they took a pretty generous security which was equivalent to 1 year Manipal hospital charges in case something goes wrong .

Today i am sitting in my fully furnished 1 BHK flat’s balcony, drinking coffee and watching construction going on in the front building and wishing that one day , one day i will buy a flat on ……………….some hill station .