My First Experience with Ithaka

Hey Future Reader,

Before starting off with the Things i learned in first 2 days just a quick tip- Mumbai is so hot(compared to Bangalore) that every guy in this city is a Hot Single so be prepared for it and don’t rent a place with uncles of L&T who walk barely covered in the flat.

Coming onto Ithaka’s first impression, You must be thinking How hard can doing a chat be ?? I mean its just a conversation like 100’s of those we do everyday. So, whats all the big fuss about…


To answer it For us Chat is not just a conversation including exchange of data, its right at the core of our business. We just don’t pass information, we build friendships and trust by this so called chat(with complete strangers), we share stories and collect experiences by this so called chat. So it indeed is a powerful tool, Now thank this advertisement and Veeru Paaji which started the change in mobile communication/revolution in India.


Creating a travel plan for someone gives us more high then being on weed (Which is illegal in Thailand- *Shameless advertisement of my knowledge). Every person that we talk to is different and that’s why its really important for you to understand this person first then try to make him your friend (If he doesn’t want to be your friend think of Uday Chopra if he can still be an Actor, you too can be his/her friend) and of course there will be people like Abhishek Bachchan who don’t really belong in this place but here be like BigB and support him even after all the hardships because at the end of the day that’s what we do- ¬†We help EVERYONE make a plan that’s perfect for them, not just something that is famous.

More Shameless display of new things i have learned about Thailand yesterday-

  • People will get mad at you if you recommend them flying withing 18 Hrs of a Diving session and oh yes! its said to be fatal also.
  • Uber runs only on card and GrabTaxi runs on cash too
  • ATM Transaction charges is around 180Thb, so keep a lot of cash if you are poor like me else you will be fine.Quick Gujju Tip– Conversion rates for USD is better then INR.
  • Don not promote Tiger temples, they are like Salman Khan’s movie just having the hype and not having a good experience in it.

Well that’s the end of 20 mins i devoted for writing this Blog. If we get a Wifi Topup soon, i will try to write more to help you understand Ithaka better.

Kob Khun Krap