Origin Of Wishstone – Chapter 3

You don’t need a reason to ask why teachers call a school class as a fish market, You just need to see them returning back to there classes after the morning assembly in those few moments before the Class teacher enters for the Attendance. There are always those 2-3 students from the back who just don’t want to take their seats without being getting punished or insulted by the teachers and guess what Indian schools have special teacher only for this work, They are knows as PT Teacher.

PT Teachers are somewhat like an arranged marriage, In the initial few years you are really scared of them not knowing the consequences of getting into one but as you grow and reach in High School, You realize that it was all an illusion and you need not be worried about them. Their whole purpose of being in school premises actually starts after the school ends. If you have studied in an Indian School students here don’t have professional wrestling arenas so its the small stationary shop or daily needs shop outside the school campus where all the internal disputes are being resolved, Those who have bike show there stunts and PT Teachers are paid just to make sure these small fights do not took place. I never figured out the reason why those guys burn petrol without a motive, or maybe girls were really drawn towards stupidity in early years.

Coming back to our story, Raghav used to sit on 5th bench from the start (a position logically selected to avoid getting any extra attention from the teachers). How your day is going to be in a school depends a lot on the bench you are sitting in. The opening benches are normally reserved for the toppers or those who have there homework sorted, Back benches are for those who only take one Bill gates quote seriously other than that I always thought they have some gold mine back at home but i am thankful to them as its because of these back benchers i was able to consolidate myself “you are not that bad”. Middle benches are where you find dreamers or IT engineers. Raghav used to sit in middle also because its strategically placed two benches away from the  girl he wished will notice him someday.

Raghav falls in love with every single girl who pays a little bit attentions towards him. He had everything planned in his mind how he should propose , what are the easiest and practical way to let her know about his feelings the problem is just that school romances do not depend on your salary or looks or family status they depend on just few simple things, You just need to have guts, money to buy chocolates occasionally and a rank in top 10. Yes that’s the formula, Being a part of sports team is always an add on. But Raghav possesses none of those qualities.


To Be Continued….




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