Origin Of WishStone – Chapter 2

Raghav was sitting on the porch steps when his mother approached the House after her morning walk. He was leaning back against the steps and trying to understand why do Newspapers have so many Pages when everyone just reads initial and last few pages( Though the part which contains show times and movies in all Talkies around the cities is the one he was most fond of).

When will you get ready, School Bus will arrive in 15 Mins ? Said her Mother. She knew its the first day of school after the Summer breaks and He doesn’t want to go But I guess you all know whats going to happen next So, right after 15 mins Raghav was standing in front of his House waiting for the School Bus.

If you all had a normal childhood you already know the kind of experience a School Bus provides. School Buses teach you more about Life then those periods in your Time Table, After all Life is a struggle to get a place of yourself. There will be bullies in your way and no one to hold your back but you either have to show strength to get that place of yours or just stand in a corner convincing yourself you don’t need that seat. With Each day in school there are thousand of stories that you get to hear in that school bus( some fictional, some true) but every single one of them gives you a moment to laugh, worry, amaze.

Raghav’s bus was no different Senior students occupy all the seats and he chooses to stand there with his best friend(which is almost every friend we have in childhood). They were talking about the summer vacations what they did, where they went with there families when his friend Ankit asked him about the History homework(Funny thing about History that there is nothing funny in it). For a moment Raghav tried to understand what ankit is talking about and when finally he realized the seriousness of this matter He started thinking about all the 100n excuses he can use to avoid the Punishment from his History Teacher.

Accept it or not the worse thing you can think of in School time was a punishment from the teacher The humiliation is same as that of getting naked in front of National Media( Poonam Pandey only promises never delivers ). All your hopes that the most fair girl of the class will like you just gets crushed at that very moment. 

To be continued …..


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