CBSE Schools – Morning Assembly

Well this blog series is about the story of all those poor souls who have completed there schooling in a CBSE School.

The whole problem with CBSE board is that it makes you normal (by normal i am not complaining as if i wanted to be mentally unstable) I mean its more like being an IT Engineer in Bangalore you accept it or not but every second person you are going to meet is the same. They are proud of it but, somewhere in there mind they know that there is this guy from ICSE who was studying “How to launch Rockets” when our CBSE students were still debating on “Science- Curse or a Boom”.

If you will ever go to a CBSE School prayer all the students are lined up in the order of there inferiority complex. The smallest kid who is not so happy about his being small and not a complain boy has to stand right in the front and the Tall ones who will certainly do good in life are right there in the back. The next interesting thing about School Prayers is -“They generate special antibodies to resist the heat and Sun rays” I mean standing in the summer sun for almost half an hour every morning singing songs which are not very interesting and listening to Thought of the day is as stupid as a system could be(Unless its created by RaGa in which case results will be on just another Level). To be honest Polishing your Shoes with the back of your Pants is probably the only good thing i learned from School Prayers.

Standing in between two girl rows always made me nervous at least. I don’t know how my brain processed things at that time but i have this theory that the better i will sing(all those stupid songs) the more are my chances of getting noticed by a girl. Girls are a mystery in school time I mean you start as friends in early years then somewhere in between of schooling some magic happens and suddenly all boys and girls just stop talking to each other. The boys who tried starting the old custom of talking again are either abandoned from the Boys community or are being labelled as Bad Company. My parents always said never get in company of Bad Guys but i was never able to tell them that Clark kent is The Superman.






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