The Origin of WishStone : Story of a SuperHero

While sitting in the corner of his dim lighted room Raghav was lost in his dreams of becoming a superhero and saving our world( or more precisely HIS world which mostly includes saving his crush from the road side roamios and winning the girl in the end ).
At first look Raghav seems like your ordinary high school guy having fantasies about almost everything that attracts attention which actually these days is what even the elders are looking for but lets not diverge from our topic(We will talk about kejriwal in a different blog)

Raghav’s father used to tell him “your perspective on life comes from the cage you were held in”, and so he created his dream world around himself. In his 40 by 60 room most of the walls are filled up with superhero posters. Superman, Batman, Taskmaster you name it and the pictures are there on these walls which just like Raghav still have there shine and are as high as his wishes of being a superhero.

He came out of his happy world of imagination by a knock on the door. It was his mother asking him to join for the dinner.This is one of the things he never understood that why his mom calls him for the dinner when in reality the only thing that is prepared is her mind about what is she going to cook that night. But you cant argue with your mom, Can you ?


Following her mom Raghav came down from the stairs and sat on the dining table looking in the endless spiral cone of time which ain’t gonna end until he gets
his meal. Just to let you know Raghav’s story is not going to be an awesome nail biting superhero story like that of Deadpool or Spiderman because Raghav is in High School and he has to appear in the Boards/IIT 2 years later and more or less he will be using a lot of his superhero powers in the next two years to become something he don’t want to be But isn’t that what a superhero do– “Sacrificing yourself to save the few you care about“(here his parents). What do you want Hari Chatni or sauce asked his mom ( Quick informative tip– Never say Hari Chatni and tomato sauce when the waiter ask you for-which sauce on Pasta? in an Italian restaurant ) Both he replied. Raghav ate 6 potato stuffed breads that night(read 600 calories) but superheroes don’t regret, They just take decisions and then may be take an ENO later. All this time he was lost in his imagination of how he is going to bend time, go back into his past and then change a few decisions and become the most popular kid in his whole school.

It was 11 in the night and as per his daily routine he has to go to bed to wake up early next morning(one thing every student hates the most and if its the last day of summer vacations well then the pain just multiplies with the power of infinity I REALLY MEAN THIS). Lying on his bed he was again all prepared to drift into his world where no one is going to stop him from becoming whatever he wants to Probably dreaming is the only super power Raghav possess currently which is going to decide the kind of world he will shape.The one problem with dreams is however that you really don’t remember what exactly happened. It’s more like your early childhood years you knew they existed but never really sure about what you did in all those years( the pictures your parents took while you were basically nude were there of-course to embarrass you of those years) but with the dreams- its just a faint thought that remains which is going to strike again sooner or later in the form of a  DejaVu.