Found and Lost (Part1/2)

The day he had kind of tricked her into a date. He was the happiest person on Earth.
He rang for her downstairs at the Hotel. He was right on time. She walked down the stairs, looking more beautiful than ever before.
“You look beautiful,” he said.
“Why, thank you. You don’t look that bad yourself.”
“Shall we go?” he asked, taking her arm.
Wait do I need to start the story with a little bit of background.
The whole “girl meets boy, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl get married” model is a little too simplistic for my needs. You people want details, don’t you? Of course you do
< 1997 >
So back in the summer of 97 it was the first day of their school  !!
He ran out of the school bus with his untied laces trying to hold the water bottle from falling down .He used to do this every morning, running like an idiot and then to stop in front of class 4th-A knowing that the class must have already left for the assembly ,He pulled the chocolate out from the top of his bag and put it on the 3rd seat and then
ran again to reach 4th-C only to find the Class teacher waiting there to scold him for his late arrival.
Few random songs and a national anthem later she came back to the desk just to find that chocolate at her desk.
The maths teacher could have skipped the class test once in a while but that chocolate, its always there on her desk, every single morning.
He has seen her first in the paiting class and the same guy who was not able to distinguish between the blue and green color(by name) somehow heard the DDLJ trademark music in his head, yes shahrukh khan was that famous in little town.
He told his best friend about this thing and just like what the best friends should do he circulated the news in whole class.
To be optimistic atleast the fat guy was in news finally, no one ever noticed him before this incident….other then that one time when he peed in his school pants after the tragic test of moral science.
< TODAY 2014 >
They were sitting at the booth outside the drugstore. They were talking and joking about the weird things that always happen to them at the school.
“The look on your face when you were getting engaged to kunal…” said our guy at the memory.
“Don’t even dare go there or the rest of that ice cream will be in your face. That was all your fault,” she said with a smile.
“You wouldn’t dare, would you?”
“Try me!”
“Let’s see. How about that kiss on the cheek during class 12th annual function? You have a big crush on me, don’t you?”
“Don’t you wish!” She stood up and took up a handful of ice cream and gently rubbed it in his face.
“Yum….good. You should try it.” He leaned over and rubbed some in her face.
The war kept on going until they stopped and looked at themselves and laughed. They weren’t the only ones laughing. The soda jerk laughed through the whole thing.
They really must be in love, he thought. “If you want to clean up there’s a bathroom around the corner.”
“Thanks. We’ll clean up the table off and floor when we’re done,” he said, dripping ice cream all over.

So it took him some 2 years and couple of summer breaks to finally find out guts enough to talk to her and that’s why right after watching veer jara  he decided while leaving the theatre that the next day is going to be his big day” he will talk to her” . Came the next morning and our lead wakes up after the usual splash of water on his face he hated that feeling when his mother lied to him every morning that its 7:45 already when it was actually 7:15 what a good way to start your day, but anyway he woke up and with the images of bravery and winning got dressed up for the big day.Finally it was the moment he has practiced the script some 31 times has even given a demo to his best friend and as the school bell rang indicating the lunch time ,they both stood up from there desks everyone noticed them that why the hell in this world these two got up from the desk in such an urgency . The girls on the front desk thought maybe they want to go to the bathroom .
If you are thinking why am i pushing the standing part so much then it was because other then the punishment time and the day end prayer no one has ever seen them standing they both treated there seat as the safest place in that classroom which was not different than a war zone for them .
Our main lead walks out of the class with his besty behind him pushing him with all the idiotic encouraging pharases existing in the world the dumbest one being ” jai maa Kali kalkattey wali tera beda kabhi na Jaye khali” don’t ask me why he said that but everything made sense to our guy at that time ,performance pressure you know . He came in front of 7th-C she was sitting on the first desk in the class next to the door. So he went inside look at her and the moment she raised her head to look into his face he said ” abey Vishal galat class m agye yaar” vishal was his best friend and as his name suggest was the heaviest/fat boy of school . In this awkward situation Vishal also entered in the class and started starring in the class as if they were lost in the kumbh mela and then came the moment he said to her “excuse me where is 7th-A” yes that was the result of 31 script practices and one demo. Anyway she replied its the class next to the water cooler,, Ahh OK thanks  he replied with the only english word he has proficiency over in speaking. So just as he turned around to walk back into his class, he decided to poke his head in the 7th C one more time and say, “oh, excuse me MAM? What did you say your name was again? I already forgot!” Yes, he called her MAM. And as soon as that word flew off his tongue he was mortified with himself. Why the !@#$ did he just call her “mam?” What an idiot!

She just laughed and said “arushi”

“Ok, thanks!” He replied. “Maybe I’ll see you again soon!”

They left the class with the glory of winning on there faces .It was there moment they can see the next gladiator in themselves .


 The youthful couple began to drift apart due to the busy schedule of life and the never-ending worries of daily problems, their life became difficult.

All the challenges posed by the harsh realities of life began to drift away deir dreams and love for each other. The couple began to have more quarrels and each quarrel became make their relation more worst.

One day, after the quarrel, the girl ran out of the house.
At the opposite side of the road, she shouted,
”You don’t love me…!!!”

The boy hated her childishness and out of impulse, said,
“May be, it was a mistake for us to be together..!!!”

You were never the missing part of my ____!!!”

Suddenly, she turned quiet and stood there for a long, while She regretted what he said but words spoken cant be taken back.

With tears in her eyes, she went home to pack her things and Before leaving the house, she left a note for him..;

“If I’m really not the missing part of your love, let me go and search for some one who is..…
It is less painful this way… let us go on our separate ways and search for our own partners…!!”

Five years went by….

He never remarried but he had tried to find out about her life indirectly. She had left the country and was living her dreams.

He use to regret on what he did but never tried to bring her back. In the dark and lonely night, he lit his cigarette and felt the lingering ache in his heart. He couldn’t bring himself to admit that he was missing her.

One day, they finally met, At the airport, He was going away on a business trip. He saw her, She was standing there alone, with just the security door separating them.

She smiled at him gently.

Boy: How are you..?

Girl: I’m fine. How about you.., Have you found your heart’s missing part…?

Boy: No.

Girl: I’ll be flying to New York in the next flight.

Boy: I’ll be back in 2 weeks time. Give me a call when you are back, You know my number, Nothing has changed.

With a smile, she turned around and waved good-bye.
“Good-bye . . .”

( To be continued maybe/probably/hopefully . In case its really disgusting …. Disgusting like dhoom3 then don’t wait for the next part)