About me


1991 – I’m born. Parents named me Deendayal sharma. Changed it to Pranshu 2 months later.


1993 – Came to know the demanding guy who keeps on crying all the time is my elder brother and will be there to beat me up for many more years to come.


1994 – Started kindergarten. I used to have a voice like Justin Bieber…then I turned Five. Till then, people thought I was cute; not once  after this.


1996 – Cool kids at school, who had cable tv, talked about Boogie-Woogie while I could only watch Srimaan Shrimati on Doordarshan. Won the first frog race in my life. Always envied the kids who had the 64 count camel crayons. Had to ask in shame if I needed a skin-coloured crayon. Got bit by a bitch in Agra. Have been scared of real bitches ever since.


1997 – Realized that ‘ullu ka patha’ is not the biggest swear word in the world. Owned the coolest Dragon BallZ pencil box in the school, had no idea what dragonBallZ is at that time. Started learning karate and dreamt of chewing broken glass and beating mobsters like super commando dhruv.


1998 – Ate 3 packets of uncle chips a day to collect the Tazos. Watched Titanic. Got curious about what they were doing in the car. Best friend in school tried explaining what it was I didn’t believe him.


1999 – Got a video game at home. Started playing Bow and Arrow. And Mario. And  ‘Contra’. Could never cross the 8th Stage. Had read all editions of raj comics by now and nandu and champak also. Watched cartoon network all day long. Wondered while watching The Jetsons, if my car will ever fold up into a briefcase. Survived on Crax and Natkhat.


2001 – Got my first personal computer. Discovered how to change wallpapers and was still confused why they close the doors in movies whenever the actors are going to do something.  Learnt how to erase browsing history soon and all had been fine since then. Realized there’s no reason to hate girls. Used to think condoms are for HAVING kids.


2001 – Rahul dravid was my hero , played cricket as much as I could . Learn some really flashy lines to say during a fight like “maa ka doodh pia hai toh baat kar” got beaten up in the school bus for the same reason later.


2007 – Took my tenth boards. Forced parents to buy me a cell-phone before the boards results came out – Just in case.  Batman doesn’t check the sky as much as I checked my new phone.


2008– Made the biggest mistake of my life by opting for PCM in the 12th. Flunked all exams for the next two years except physical science. A friend helped me with physics. I was only a Bodhi tree away from enlightenment. Figured since I’m clearly not photogenic I have earned the moral rights to use photoshop.


2009 – Finished with school. First cigarette. Got admission into NIT Allahabad. Learnt how to drive, although driving is like third on my list of things to do while I’m driving. Also scored a 6.63 cgpa.


2011 – Watched enough movies to make ones eyes bleed. The only 24 Hour light source in my room was the laptop screen. Was made to step aside at airport security checks since my goatee made me look like a terrorist. Got my first guitar and somehow managed to learn it from YouTube when redtube was always there for the distraction.


2012- Broke my ankle – first fracture of my life. Formed a music band and won some stupid competitions. Started college radio , played for Bhadrakali 11 and peed at project mentors cabin. Scored a 9.

2013 –Spend 4 yrs of college life Graduated.  Got a job.