1/2/3 BHK for rent in bangalore -_-

So one fine morning i finally found out what i want to do with my life and thus i accepted this offer letter from a high paying firm in Bangalore and decided to pack my bags and start a new life here.

Well i landed at the airport that should be somewhere near Chennai and picked the Vayu vajra7A to reach Bangalore city. Holy shoot! this city looks stunning i had never seen too many cars in my whole life that i saw in some half an hour traffic jam at Sony world signal but wait, which city doesn’t have traffic jams, i mean its just that while being stuck in Bangalore traffic you can complete an Ashutosh Gowariker movie or you can kill time by listening to your favourite radio stations and can learn some kannda songs , sounds Fun to me.

Let me cut the crap and reach to the point that i wanted to share with you all, renting a house in this city with the help of all these people who speaks fluent Hindi and English as good as any Korean. So we started in the morning with the help of a broker and travelled some 200 kms in a day to finally find the flat  that looks pretty awful to us ( Believe me it looked even worse than uday chopra ).

What’s next, So next day we used the trusted Online sites to find the perfect bride for our college roommate and well yes after that to find flats also.

After 2 hours of random flat searching, 1 hour of useless facebook scrolling and checking out first salary status and new DP’s of batchmates looking all suited up and excited to turn into slaves,  finally  Yeeeee got 31 searches as per my requirement the pictures looks cool amenities include

1. 24 hours power supply (something that even UP govt. promises)

2. Walking distance from ATMs, schools , market ,Dosa/idli shops, bus stops, railway junction, airport terminals and strip clubs HELLYA!!

3. 4 wheeler parking(if you can afford it after our rent)

4. Semi furnished ( by semi they mean it will be like the semis of FIFA WC2014, you will be disappointed ).


But anyway finally we talked to the owners and they were pretty genuine people They gave us there house with all the sentiments and feelings as that of a father giving her daughter to some BACHELOR when they were pretty sure that this alcoholic , nerdy looking skinny guy is not going to treat there daughter well that’s why they took a pretty generous security which was equivalent to 1 year Manipal hospital charges in case something goes wrong .

Today i am sitting in my fully furnished 1 BHK flat’s balcony, drinking coffee and watching construction going on in the front building and wishing that one day , one day i will buy a flat on ……………….some hill station .